VR Storytelling Research

This article about some research into VR storytelling, which I learned about on Pixvana’s Twitter feed, got me excited. I’ve read this three times and my brain is on fire.

I’m most fascinated by the relationship between the detail density of a scene and the amount that the viewer remembers, the way camera placement can trigger social anxieties, and how having “limited visual information puts more weight on the information that is there.”

Suddenly we find ourselves with so many new storytelling tools that it’s hard to even know where to begin.

One of my favorite of Marshall McLuhan’s ideas is that the content of any new medium is an old medium. In other words, the contents of books are the spoken word, the contents of radio is music and voice, the contents of the Internet is all other media. And one of the only things I retained from reading Jean Baudrillard (whose Simulacra and Simulation shows up in an early scene in The Matrix) is that our contemporary world is itself a simulation without an original. If one were to smash these two ideas together, one might understand VR to contain a simulation of our reality, which is itself a simulation.

I’m going to go close my eyes for a while now.