Thursday VR News

Time for a little aggregation.

Soon the center of the augmented reality universe.

Magic Leap is building an office in Georgetown. This is a big deal for a few reasons. One, it means that the competitor of Microsoft’s Hololens has a presence in Microsoft’s back yard. Two, the AR pioneer will be within a couple light rail stops of Seattle’s Oculus Rift and HTC offices, cementing Sodo as a center for VR development. This is the difference between Seattle being home to some companies and being home to an industry.

5 Reasons VR Video is More Important Than You Thought by Sarah Stumbo. Sarah is a VR software developer for Pixvana, and her post about the future of VR video is well worth reading. I think she makes a great point about the game/movie divide and how there are more spectators in the world than gamers.

LA’s River Studios just hired some talented people.  “Los Angeles is the center of the world for storytelling and content creation,” says River Studios CEO Mike Rothberg. Yes. LA is the movie franchise recycling center of the world. Maybe they can put some characters invented in the twentieth century in all new VR experiences.