Floria Sigismondi’s Rihanna Video

Not to be confused with Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.”

Commit this name to memory: Floria Sigismondi.

Floria Sigismondi

Floria is a director of one feature film, The Runaways, many music videos, and many commercials. She’s set to direct an adaptation of the Alejandro Jodorowsky comic book Bouncer, which is probably going to be the biggest meeting of cinematic imaginations in history. Remember those twitchy Marilyn Manson videos from the nineties? That was her. Also visually brilliant videos for David Bowie, all of Jack White’s bands, Justin Timberlake, Sigur Ros, Katy Perry, Interpol, and many others.

Floria creates psychedelic candy for the eyes. I consider her a peer to Fellini, Maddin, and Lynch, a true master of cinematic color and texture. Her work, even her commercials, represent an artistry that belongs only to her. I’ll watch anything she makes.

Floria’s latest project is the first-ever music video shot in IMAX, Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer,” the theme to the new Star Trek Beyond movie.

Our world would be more beautiful if Floria Sigismondi directed a lot of huge movies and VR experiences. I’m just saying.