Minority Report, Mainstreaming VR, and Other Wednesday Aggregation

Lots to read and view about VR today. Here’s a big wad of chewy VR goodness.

This clip featuring Alex McDowell, the Designer of Minority Report, is worth watching. My favorite part was his observation that game engines are game-changers for cinematic VR. He also gets in a dig at comic book adaptations, which I always appreciate.

Jason Pace, Executive Director of UW Bothell’s Digital Future Lab, writes that VR devices are a long way from mainstream acceptance on Linked In. I think Jason is right in a lot of ways, and he brings up industry diversity issues and shooter games, which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I do think it’s important to talk about this stuff without falling into the trap of vilifying people. I’ve put out word that I’m going to write something about first person shooters in VR, and will have more to say about this in due course.

This has been getting a lot of laughs. The Japanese VR porn convention that was cancelled due to too much interest.

Go watch some Scobot Paint Lab art in the making: