I’m Writing About Seattle, LA, and VR Content Production

I would love to hear from anybody producing VR content, particularly in Seattle and Los Angeles. I’d especially love to hear from you if you’re producing VR content of a more cinematic, less game-oriented variety. If you work in LA on VR, let’s talk.

Seattle is emerging as the tech capital of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Since I live here, I have a better sense of what the community is up to. With its strong independent gaming scene, Seattle is becoming the place where a lot of back-end tools and VR games are being developed. But conventional wisdom has it that the cinematic VR experiences of tomorrow are Hollywood’s bailiwick.

I’ve talked to a few people involved in the movie industry in LA, and I keep hearing that every studio in town is opening a VR division. I want to better understand who these studios are and what projects they’re working on.

Some questions.

  1. Who is creating the best cinematic VR content in LA?
  2. Who is creating the best cinematic VR content in Seattle?
  3. What relationships are being forged between LA studios and Seattle tech companies?
  4. Can Seattle develop its own cinematic VR content production industry?
  5. Could Seattle work with Vancouver and Portland to create a Cascadia VR content production corridor?

If you have opinions on any of this, feel free to contact me at boudinot@gmail.com or via Facebook.