HTC/T Mobile/710 ESPN/Seattle Mariners Charity Event Spreads Good Cheer, Logos

HTC just hosted the Robinson Cano Home Run Derby for the King County Boys and Girls Club in Occidental Park, right outside HTC’s North American HQ. 

It’s always gratifying to see a bunch of kids having fun hitting a ball. Everyone looked to be having a great time on a day of perfect Seattle weather. 

What’s more interesting to me is what an event like this means in terms of PR. Any time companies like HTC, T Mobile, MLB, and ESPN get together to put their logos on ubiquitous display for a cause, there are longer term and bigger picture strategies at work. This feel-good event was the result of intercorporate liaising and meetings in conference rooms. HTC is putting forth a lot of effort to endear itself to consumers and game developers and so far this seems to be a winning strategy. Events like today’s are better understood within the context of larger corporate forces angling for market share. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all. It’s just interesting to wonder how the goodwill generated by events like this will ripple through the VR platform wars to come.

More shots of baseball fun…