I’m Speaking at the Extreme Futures and Technology Forecasting Conference

I’m excited to report that I’m speaking at Extreme Futures and Technology Forecasting Conference this coming Saturday, August 6, at Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond. If you have any interest in technology and the future (why would you be reading this blog if you didn’t?), this promises to be a swell time. Presentations will include forward-looking riffs on such topics as “bio engineering, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, maker trends, XR technologies (AR/VR and Wearables), IoT and many more.” My presentation will be about the birth of the VR/AR industry. Sponsors include Vulcan Technology Inc., Microsoft, Chronos VR,  and Transhumanity.net. I have a feeling that my brain is going to be doing somersaults all day long at this thing. I’ll be sure to post pictures and observations on this blog during and after the event.