What’s Up with VR in Finland?

Photo from Finnish company Stereoscape, provider of VR and sweater-modeling services.

I’ve noticed a fair amount of traffic to this blog coming from Finland. I’ve heard a number of times that this Scandinavian country of 5.5 million is home to a thriving VR industry. I’ve been poking around sites like Finnish Virtual Reality Association and Virtual Reality Finland, reading about companies like Mindfield Games, Lucky You Studio (run out of a tattoo parlor), Robust North, Stereoscape, Delta Cygni Labs, and Immersal, which currently has a job opening for a “Super Coder Guru with ‘Fuck You All’ Attitude.” I hope whoever gets that position gets to put that title on their business card.

You know what would be cool? Some sort of cultural exchange program between Helsinki’s VR community and Seattle’s. We should trade knowledge, share VR experiences, and look for opportunities to collaborate. I’m sure we could set up a lot of meet-and-greets with local VR companies and creators for a visitor from Finland. I would love to visit Finland and learn more about what their VR pioneers are up to. They sound badass.

If you’re interested in setting up some sort of exchange program between Seattle and Helsinki, or if you just happen to be reading this from Finland, let me know.