Introducing the Seattle Helsinki VR/AR Alliance


Do you live in Seattle, Washington, USA or Helsinki, Finland? Are you involved in the VR/AR industries in either of those cities? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re invited to join the Seattle Helsinki VR/AR Alliance, a new Facebook group.

I have been blogging about Finland’s VR scene recently and it occurred to me that one way to share what’s going on between Seattle and Helsinki would be to create a place to exchange ideas. One idea I’ve been toying with is to create some sort of Seattle-Helsinki cultural exchange program. I’ve been contacted by a number of Finnish VR pioneers who’ve expressed interest in such a program, and I know a lot of folks in Seattle’s VR scene would love to visit this creative, technology-rich city of the north.

If the language barrier gets in the way, I propose we do the best we can with translations with the help of bilingual speakers or Google translate. I’m curious to see where this goes, and want to offer a warm greeting from Seattle to our Finnish friends.