My New HQ: CoMotion Labs


I’m kind of astonished to announce that I’ll be working out of CoMotion Labs starting tomorrow, the day this brand-new facility opens. Located in the U District on Roosevelt near 45th, this incubator/innovation laboratory is devoting 34 desks of its coworking space to VR/AR startups. I will be occupying one of those desks, blogging and working on a number of VR-related projects.

I’m excited to be part of a diverse community of VR/AR pioneers. I consider this a  once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity and I can’t even imagine what projects I’ll be working on there a few months from now. But here’s what I intend to do.

Contribute to the local VR/AR Community

In the few months I’ve been meeting members of Seattle’s VR/AR community, I’ve been impressed and energized by the variety of brilliant minds that are gravitating to this technology. The article I wrote for the September issue of Seattle Met magazine about the local VR/AR industry changed my life. As someone who is fascinated by the growth and development of creative economies, and who is passionate about creating opportunities for artists, I want to be involved in programs that benefit the industry as a whole. This means projects like fostering connections between the Seattle and Helsinki VR scenes, advocating for tax incentives for VR content production in Washington State, and participating in meetups, talks, conferences, lectures, hackathons, and other events. I anticipate CoMotion Labs will be the epicenter of much of this activity in Seattle.

Figure Out How to Write for VR

I want to understand how to write scripts for VR experiences. There is an intersection between VR and writing that hasn’t been mapped yet. Just as there are conventions that screenwriters adhere to, there will be conventions that VR script writers will one day adhere to. These conventions need to be discovered and defined, and I want to be part of that conversation.

Chronicle the birth of VR/AR

I’m going to be blogging about VR and AR from my desk at CoMotion Labs, where I’ll be exposed to the latest thinking and technology as it is being developed. In addition to this blog, I’ll be writing articles for periodicals. I’ll probably write a book. I’m aware that the opportunity to witness the emergence of entirely new medium doesn’t come along too often, and I intend to seize it.

Adapt Blueprints of the Afterlife for VR

So I wrote this novel and I’ve been working on a plan to turn it into a VR experience. That’s all I’m going to say about it at the moment. I hope to have more to talk about soon.

If you’d like to meet with me at CoMotion Labs, please contact me. Tomorrow can’t arrive soon enough!