The Real Reason Why That Park in Bellevue is Getting Ruined by Pokemon Go Players

Kiro News completely missed the real story about the downtown Bellevue park that’s getting overrun by Pokemon Go players to the annoyance of nearby residents. They report that the park is getting lots of traffic because of the rare Pokemons located there. But they don’t stop to ask why that particular park is such a magnet for players. I have a theory.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.10.06 PM
The distance between Pokemon’s United States headquarters on the 16th floor of a downtown Bellevue office building and the park that is being overrun by Pokemon Go players is four blocks. Coincidence?

It’s because the park is in the direct line of sight of Pokemon’s United States headquarters, 601 108th Ave NE, Suite 1600. If Kiro had done a better job, they would have walked a few blocks east from the park, entered the building where Expedia is also currently headquartered, taken their camera crew up to the sixteenth floor, asked the receptionist to take them to the most west-facing offices, and trained their cameras on the park below. They would have gotten both a better shot and a better story.

Here are four questions I’m curious to know the answers to.

  1. Who decided to populate the park in downtown Bellevue with rare Pokemons?
  2. Do employees of Pokemon’s US headquarters gather by the windows to gaze down upon the mobs of Pokemon players like Saruman gazing upon his army of orcs?
  3. Is the Bellevue Parks department like totally pissed off at you guys?
  4. Can I visit and watch players mob the park with you?

I called Pokemon’s Bellevue headquarters at (425) 274-4800, hoping to connect with at least a Public Relations flack but discovered the kind of phone tree designed to shoo callers away.

Maybe we should crowd-source this. I’d love to get a hold of someone at Pokemon USA who could answer the questions above. Any help in getting to the bottom of this story would be greatly appreciated. If you know of someone working in public or media relations at Pokemon USA, please contact me.

The scene at Pokemon USA’s downtown Bellevue headquarters, this very moment.