Mal de Débarquement

A little over a year ago, my sister came down with a strange vestibular condition called Mal de Débarquement. It’s where you still feel like you’re on a boat, plane, or other form of transportation long after you have disembarked. It’s an unpleasant, unbalanced sensation that typically afflicts people who have taken cruises or long flights. Amy deals with it with some balance exercises, but I have been wondering whether VR could offer a way to confront this syndrome.

Motion sickness is a problem with VR that a lot of brilliant minds have been puzzling over. I wonder if there’s research that could be helpful in developing VR therapies for Mal de Débarquement. By the way, I just like saying Mal de Débarquement because it makes me sound like a sophisticated French guy.

If you’re working in the medical sector of enterprise VR and have insight into motion sickness, I’d love to hear from you. If you develop a therapy that helps my sister stop feeling like she’s on a cruise ship, I will buy you a bag of the Trader Joe’s trail mix of your choice.