Learn About VR/AR: Chronos Global Academy Open House September 7

Do you wish there was someone to teach you about virtual and augmented reality? You’re in luck. Chronos Global Academy just announced an open house this coming Wednesday, the 7th, from 7 to 10 pm. They’re a couple blocks west of the Seattle Public Library downtown. If you want to learn about VR and AR in a more formal way, this should be well worth checking out. Learn more here.

I know a little about Chronos through the involvement of Ricardo Parker, who helped organize the Extreme Futures and Tech Forecasting conference I attended awhile back. It’s only a matter of time before learning AR and VR technologies becomes a more formalized process. Chronos appears to be leading the charge to bring pedagogy to the industry. They seem especially keen on teaching classes about augmented reality, in particular the Hololens.

I’m told the open house is going to be an opportunity to try out “nearly every headset” as well as an experience called “The Impossible Travel Agency” that is debuting this weekend at PAX. I imagine this will be an excellent opportunity to level up your knowledge of VR/AR.