VR for Creatives Class

I’m designing a class that I plan to teach at CoMotion Labs and I’m calling it VR for Creatives.

One of the most fascinating things about VR/AR is how the medium is attracting people from seemingly different disciplines. What was the last thing you can think of that sparked intense interest from architects, computer scientists, and doctors? What about artists?

As for me, I’ve arrived at the continent of VR/AR from the artist’s tribe. As someone who has been devoted to creative writing since the age of six, I’ve spent my life so far developing my creativity and exploring every kind of art that I can. I love talking to musicians, filmmakers, poets, painters, dancers, and sculptors about the creative process. I never get bored pondering the role of the subconscious in the creation of art, and I can talk you under the table about grunge, the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, or the short stories of Aimee Bender. I’ve learned so much about my chosen art form by studying other art forms, and I believe we’ll better understand VR the same way.

I intend for my class to draw upon examples from multiple art forms as we seek to better understand this captivating new one. I want students of this class to leave with more ideas about what’s possible in VR, and feeling empowered to make their own visions real. I also imagine this class will be an excellent way to meet other people embarking on similar artistic projects in VR at one of the world’s first VR/AR innovation centers.

I’m in the process of planning these classes now, and would love to hear from you if you have thoughts on the kinds of things you’d like to learn. I just posted on the Seattle AR/VR Facebook group asking if anyone would be interested in this class and over a dozen people responded enthusiastically right away. Amazing! I’ll post more here as the class develops.