Two Hackathons and a Party

September is brimming with opportunities to learn/make VR in Seattle. Here are three upcoming events worth checking out.

TONIGHT: Chronos Global Academy Re-Launch Party

Somebody needs to teach VR fundamentals–Unity, Unreal Engine, UX and UI–and Chronos Global Academy is rising to that challenge. Tonight at 7:00 they’re hosting a relaunch party that should be educational for anybody with even passing interest in VR.

Sept 15-17: Art Hack – Erasure

This is one of two events that include the word “hack” scheduled for next weekend. This one’s a gathering of tech-savvy artists designed to “investigate the nature of impermanence, forgetting, archiving, and escaping.” It kicks off September 15 and concludes with an art show on the 17th at the space formerly known as Value Village on 11th Avenue on Capitol Hill. I’m curious about whether that space, which I haven’t been to since Value Village closed, still smells like a bowling shoe. At any rate, I really want to see what happens there. A lot of opportunities for VR makers seem to come from the tech/business side of the world, but this one looks to be driven by and focused on artists. You know, the folks who make the stuff that blows your mind. If you identify yourself primarily as a  artist and want to participate in a hackathon, this is the one to attend.

Sept 16-18: VR Hackathon

This one’s going to be a blast, I can tell. The VR Hackathon gets underway on the 16th and plows through a sleepless weekend, concluding on the 18th, at Magnuson Park. Coders, gamers, and the more technical minded among us should gravitate to this one, rather than the Art Hack event. This could be the hackathon where Seattle VR starts to up the ante. Eva Hoerth and other minds behind the event have been hosting preparatory classes, and Eva just announced a webinar (oh, how I loathe that word) about Amazon’s Alexa tomorrow night. Alexa is the voice service that powers the Echo, a black cylinder that you boss around. If you’re interested, find Eva on Facebook and DM her.

Apropos of nothing, here’s somebody with a bright idea.