Hybrid_Vision @ Capitol Hill Artwalk

This event snuck up on me, so thank you, Facebook for reminding me. Tonight between 6 and 9, as part of Capitol Hill Art Walk, Hybrid_space is hosting Hybrid_Vision, described thusly: “Developed with the help of Joy Evelyn Wilson, this event will feature several VR headsets where guests can peer into immersive architectural and urban environments.” More info here.

My sister is an architect and I’m always impressed by just how much you have to know about boring things like concrete and easements in that profession. I suspect that there will soon be architects whose jobs are entirely in VR and AR, who design virtual buildings that end up in games and other VR environments but that never get built IRL. We could be entering a great new era in speculative architecture. Maybe Hybrid_Vision is a place where that’ll get started. Check it out tonight and see.