This is the Week to Jump into VR in Seattle

I don’t think there’s ever been a better week to leap feet-first into the metaphorical hot tub of virtual reality in Seattle than this one. For starters, there’s the VR Hackathon kicking off Friday night at 6 at Magnuson Park. Last week I spoke to two of the organizers, who wanted to emphasize the inclusive and welcoming nature of this event. You can show up knowing nothing about VR, you can be an artist, you can be a complete newbie to Unity code. There will be devices to try out, teams that need members, and prizes in such categories as Best Storytelling, Best Visual Design, Best Use of Sound, Best Technical Achievement, and a Community Choice prize.

There’s also Art Hack Day, which starts Thursday night and goes through Saturday at Velocity VR, the space formerly known as Value Village, on 11th on Capitol Hill. While there will be artists working on VR at this event, it’s not exclusively about VR, and is open to artists working at other intersections of art and tech. The closing exhibition is on Saturday at 7 and will be definitely worth checking out.

Smashing Ideas, a digital design agency, is hosting a free happy hour called Improv Your Way Through Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality on Thursday, starting at 5:30. It sounds pretty casual and fun.