Three Announcements

My desk at CoMotion Labs, where presumably I’ll get a lot of this stuff done.

[Drum roll…]

Announcement #1: New editor role

I’m proud to report I’ve been named Editor-in-Chief of Seattle’s VR/AR community website,, which was launched last summer by Trond Nilsen and Eva Hoerth.

I first met Eva and Trond at the Hololens Hackathon last spring, and I’ve been consistently blown away by their commitment to Seattle’s VR/AR community, their heroic level of energy, and their sincere desire to make Seattle the major center for this emerging medium. They’ve taken on huge responsibilities beyond their day jobs by organizing meetups and hackathons. I’m quite honored to be working with them on this project.

I’m on board with Trond and Eva’s vision for They wanted to launch a site that would serve the community by providing resources such as an events calendar, jobs board, and resource directory. They want this to be the first site anyone in Seattle who is interested in getting into VR/AR will visit, and a place where the community can share and communicate.

I intend to improve the site in ways that will line up with Trond and Eva’s vision. Above all, I want to ensure that is useful. Definitely let me know how the site could better help you, and keep an eye on it in coming weeks.

Announcement #2: New column

I’ve agreed to start a weekly column on VR storytelling for VR Today Magazine. This is a well-designed and topical website operated out of Denmark, with contributors from all over the globe. I’ve been impressed by the vision and drive of the site’s founder, Nicklas Rasmussen, and look forward to writing columns about narrative, creativity, and the VR/AR content industry for an international audience.

I’ll of course still continue to post right here at this blog with a joke for a name. I intend for the VR Today column to be longer form and more deliberately crafted, which means I’ll go through ten drafts or so, as opposed to the two or three that I get away with here.

I’ll be sure to link to the column from when it goes live. Stay tuned!

Announcement #3: Funding

Writing about the birth of the VR industry is a total blast. I know that this is one of the greatest stories I’ll ever have the privilege of covering, and I’m proud to commit my time and editorial skills to helping Seattle’s VR/AR community. I’ve thought a lot about how to support myself while pursuing these endeavors, and decided that a Patreon campaign would be a smart way to go.

Patreon is a crowd-funding site that empowers artists by providing ongoing funding for creative projects. You can support me at any level you wish, starting from as little as $1 a month.

In addition to helping me continue writing about VR, your support will help me launch a VR for Creatives class at CoMotion Labs, ignite the local VR content creation industry, and establish more ties with VR communities abroad. In return you’ll receive such wonders as personally inscribed copies of my books, one-on-one consultations on your VR creative projects, unpublished humorous essays, and VR demos.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has supported my efforts so far simply by reading this blog. This is the most talented creative community I have ever been part of, no question.  There are so many more stories to tell, and I can’t wait to tell some of them. You’ll be starring as the heroes.