Prepping for the Hackathon

Tomorrow’s the day. I realize that I exist in a Seattle VR bubble, but it seems like everyone I talk to has something to say about this weekend’s hackathon. This city’s VR pioneers are chomping at the bit to create mind-blowing experiences.

Where is it? Sand Point, Magnuson Park, UW Center for Education & Research in Construction 7543 63rd Ave NE, Building 5B.

When? Sept 16-18, kicking off at 6.

Can you get tickets? Very few, but as I write this, yes, some are available here.

Eva Hoerth sent out a message yesterday about a women’s-only meet-and-greet from 6-6:45. If you’re a woman considering venturing into VR, but your experiences as a woman in tech world have left a bad impression on you, know that this community wants to empower you to bring your brilliant ideas to fruition and encourages you to assume leadership of this new medium.You will be respected and included, and your voice will be heard.

I’ll be live-blogging over the weekend, popping out of the hackathon to check out the Art Hack Saturday night, but otherwise embedded and hoping to freak out on rad stuff that will be fired into my eyeballs and flood my ears. See you there!