Ideas Starting to Explode from Hackers’ Heads

Conference call. Coffee provided.

Now that everybody has had their coffee, the ideas are starting to flow. I’ve been eavesdropping on various teams, learning about a variety of ambitious VR projects. When Ryan Smith of Invrse told me about the badass game his team is developing, my reaction was oh my god I want to play that RIGHT NOW. A team that includes Dr. Evie Powell, Andrew Luck, and Gus McManus is working on a project that involves eight speakers arrayed around a Vive space. I can already tell this will be a demo everyone is going to experience tomorrow.

Paolo Tosolini inviting me to check out a palace in Italy via Gear VR.

Paolo Tosolini, who is working on a team that’s developing a Storytelling app for Hololens, just showed me a demo on a Gear of a 3D scan of a palace in Italy. I navigated my way around the ornate environment and Paolo explained that this tech would allow game designers to import 3D scans of the real world into games.

Mentors identified by plastic leis are starting to circulate among the teams offering their expertise. Kim Voynar and Nathaniel Pinzon are here to offer insights into cinematic VR, and Kati Rissanen, whose talk I caught at the Extreme Futures Tech conference, is circulating to provide her humanist perspectives on a number of projects.


My CoMotion Labs neighbor JP Chery got onto a team that’s working on some sort of project that involves archeology. Definitely want to know more about that one. Kawan Welth and Kelly Campelia are on a team that’s doing something cinematic, as to be expected, and if I’m not mistaken it might involve someone in a banana suit? I could be wildly misinterpreting the chatter I overheard.

Trond and Eva are busily circulating around the table I am currently occupying. Time to go spy on some other teams.