Seattle VR Hackathon IV is underway! I’m told there are over 170 people at this sold-out weekend at UW’s Center for Education and Research in Construction at Magnuson Park. Right now is the lightning round of pitches for projects. Architects, artists, game designers, filmmakers, sound designers, and various people of undefined or undefinable passions and pursuits are each taking twenty seconds to announce what it is they’re interested in working on. Somehow through this process teams will form and forty eight hours from now minds will be blown, alliances will be formed, and futures will be charted.

This feels momentous. Nobody is here because someone gave them permission to be here. Nobody here knows all there is to know about virtual reality. This diverse array of VR pioneers has gathered to learn from each other and plunge into the unknown. The excitement is palpable.

Jordan Kellogg, who could find work as an announcer on a TV game show if he ever wanted to get out of the tech industry, is speaking at the moment and he just asked for a show of hands asking who here works for a VR company as a VR developer. A few hands shot up. For the most part, we’re all coming to VR from various weird backgrounds. It’s thrilling to imagine what brilliant ideas arise from all the chance encounters and conversations that occur here this weekend.

I’ll be live-blogging, bugging teams about what they’re creating, trying out as many VR demos as I can handle, picking brains, posting photos, eating pizza, and witnessing history. Here… we… go…