Team Formation

Teams are starting to form. That’s Tim Reha of CNDY Factory in the foreground, shooting interviews.

Team formation at a hackathon is a bit of a nerve-racking process, a game of figuring out how your skills can be applicable in a team of strangers. After the public pitches, everybody engaged in frenzied mingling, and over the course of about an hour teams started to clump together. Now teams are setting up their work stations, erecting Vive light houses, and figuring out what they’re going to attempt to pull off in the sleep-deprived hours ahead.

I’m in a room upstairs at this facility where three or four teams have gathered to start ideating and figuring out what they want to accomplish over the next two days. I’m set up at a table with Majesta Vestal and Tarik Merzouk, my old Hololens Hackathon teammates, while across the room Evie Powell and Gus McManus are on a team that’s laughing and brainstorming.

As fascinating as this setting is, I feel like I’m missing out on what else is going on in other rooms. Time for me to pick up and drop in on some other teams…