Art Hack!

I slipped out of the VR hackathon today to pop into the Art Hack, which convened in the space formerly known as Value Village on Capitol Hill, which apparently will forever smell like the offspring of a urinal cake and a bowling shoe. The art on display was projected onto walls and beamed via Vives into retinas. 

Two of the VR pieces stuck out to me. Jake Fennel and Reilly Donovan’s Land Use Action was an urban space crammed with incongruous stuff–a kitten, giant mushrooms, a cop. But the most interesting element of the piece was a spherical photograph of a forest that you could stick your head inside of while in their virtual environment. I’ve never seen anything like that in VR before. 

I also enjoyed a VR rowboat experience designed by an artist named Felix (my bad for not getting his last name). This piece was integrated with a rowing machine. The fun part was that when you out on the Vive you appeared to be rowing on a ring of Saturn or some other celestial body. 

I also enjoyed Scott Bennett and Heather Coles’s animated projection in which an animated heart made tracer patterns while a brain erased them. 

I enjoyed myself at the Art Hack for sure but kept wondering what was happening at the VR hackathon. I’m heading back tomorrow and am so stoked to see what everyone has been toiling over. VR cat herding! Disaster relief Hololens systems! I can’t wait.