X-cited for X-Sightings

Holy hot damn, I’m still recovering from last weekend’s multiple hackathon madness and here comes the X-Sightings Cinematic VR Film Fest! For crying out loud, VR community, slow down already!

Check out this sweet new logo.

The fest runs Saturday and Sunday at Northwest Film Forum, from 1-7 PM. If you’re within the gravitational pull of Capitol Hill this weekend, you have no excuse not to pop in. It’s free!

X-Sightings is brought to you by the good people at Sixr. Budi, Kawan, Diana, Jennae, Julian. A team of badass creators throwing down mind-bending visuals to overload your ocular orbs, man. Perhaps you’ve seen some of them in a hot tub near you. VR Maker Dome is providing gear, and uGen World, a VR social gaming company that deserves a lot more attention, is going to be on hand to accept sign-ups to test their platform.

I’m told there will be cinematic VR experiences to behold in Vives and Rifts, including something from Mechanical Dreams. I recently shared a hearty high-five with Kawan over news that there will be a 360 movie from Helsinki, Finland–fruits of our reaching out to the Finnish VR community.

I don’t know about you, but things are starting to get really fun around here.