Blueprints of the Afterlife Talent Pool Filling with VR Pioneers

My friend Nate Manny, who designed the cover of my novel Blueprints of the Afterlife, made this collage of one of the scenes from the book, in which bloodthirsty polar bears ride a sentient glacier that’s laying waste to various cities in North America. Just imagine this in VR!

Yesterday I announced the Blueprints of the Afterlife VR Talent Pool. I’m developing a plan to turn my 2012 novel into a VR experience, and I asked the universe (well, Facebook) if there was anyone out there who’d be interested in joining a list of potential future collaborators. I have no jobs to offer and no guarantee this will actually, you know, happen any time soon, but the response I got knocked me back on my feet.

Over thirty VR pioneers contacted me within hours of my announcement, representing a stunning breadth of expertise including AAA game design, product management, music scoring, machine learning, AI, Unity, Unreal Engine, film production, art direction, production design, audio engineering, animation, medical imaging, multiplayer, architecture, motion design, UX, UI, and robotics.

Some of the companies members of the talent pool work for or have worked for include Oculus, Microsoft Hololens, Pixar, Amazon, Dreamworks, Hulu, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts, University of Washington, and other companies working at the forefront of entertainment and tech.

I keep hearing the drumbeat of content, content, content in the world of VR. The industry is itching for original stories and ground-breaking experiences. And the community is clearly itching to provide them.

If this sounds interesting to you, give my previous post a read and get in touch with me. Thank you to everyone who has tossed their hat into the ring so far!