One Thousand Pioneers

Earlier today the Seattle VR/AR Facebook group, which was launched in June, reached one thousand members. One thousand people who live in Ballard, Beacon Hill, Georgetown, West Seattle, Fremont, Northgate, the U District, Capitol Hill, Laurelhurst, Wallingford, Lake City, Greenwood, and all mossy spots between. One thousand people developing apps for Hololens, games for Oculus, interactive content for the Vive. One thousand filmmakers, developers, musicians, … Continue reading One Thousand Pioneers

The Weekend VR Became Impossible to Ignore in Seattle

Trond Nilsen presenting awards at Seattle VR Hackathon IV. Photo courtesy Shawn Whiting.

September 16-18, 2016 was a watershed moment for Seattle’s VR/AR community. For anyone drawn to creating or experiencing VR/AR, there was literally too much for one person to absorb. VR Hackathon IV at Sand Point, the Art Hack on Capitol Hill, and the VR Maker Dome at Seattle Center all delivered big on the promise of this new medium, and Seattle is never going to be the same. Continue reading “The Weekend VR Became Impossible to Ignore in Seattle”

Art Hack!

I slipped out of the VR hackathon today to pop into the Art Hack, which convened in the space formerly known as Value Village on Capitol Hill, which apparently will forever smell like the offspring of a urinal cake and a bowling shoe. The art on display was projected onto walls and beamed via Vives into retinas.  Two of the VR pieces stuck out to … Continue reading Art Hack!


I’m new to this whole hackathon scene, but am a long-time fan of immersive learning experiences like artist retreats and residencies. This hackathon seems to be humming along with a lot of enthusiasm, laughs, and intense conversation. I can tell everybody is getting a lot out of this. It seems that every team is working on multiple aspects of VR simultaneously. I talked to Andrew … Continue reading Multiplayers

Ideas Starting to Explode from Hackers’ Heads

Conference call. Coffee provided.

Now that everybody has had their coffee, the ideas are starting to flow. I’ve been eavesdropping on various teams, learning about a variety of ambitious VR projects. When Ryan Smith of Invrse told me about the badass game his team is developing, my reaction was oh my god I want to play that RIGHT NOW. A team that includes Dr. Evie Powell, Andrew Luck, and Gus McManus is working on a project that involves eight speakers arrayed around a Vive space. I can already tell this will be a demo everyone is going to experience tomorrow. Continue reading “Ideas Starting to Explode from Hackers’ Heads”