Daryle Conners on VR

“They call VR the empathy tool–and I’ve seen that with my own eyes–people watching immersive VR documentaries and weeping, or stretching their hand out to help someone in the video. It’s an indescribable experience. The immersive experience is incredibly powerful. It can entertain us, but also teach us, train us, move our minds, and give us a totally new perspective. The reason that it is so powerful is that it takes advantage of our spacial memory, which is our most potent and enduring kind of memory. It is also experiential, rather than observational, so you learn much more quickly. It’s like the difference between reading a recipe for a cake, watching a cooking show where someone makes a cake, being in the room with your mother as she makes a cake, or making a cake yourself. Those are all different degrees of learning, but making the cake yourself is by far the most memorable and effective way to learn how.”–Daryle Conners, VR Thought Leader