Weather the Storm with some Twisted Fun

Machine to Be Another, a VR experience that allows you to swap bodies and see the world through another’s eyes.

There’s some thematically appropriate weather coming this weekend, a storm that’s likely to knock out power all over Puget Sound. Stock up on batteries, folks. The storm is coming at the tail end of one hell of a week for the VR/AR community. This was the week of Immerse and Steam Dev Days, where the new HTC controller called Knuckles debuted to much cheering and fanfare. This weekend promises more immersive fun, with the kickoff to the dream mashup of queer culture and VR at Twist 360. The event spans the next two weekends.

This is a densely packed program of goodies, from 360 films from Mechanical Dreams by Dacia Saenz and Wes Hurley, a talk by queer cinema pioneer Rose Troche, and a virtual drag show. The highlight of the event is happening next weekend, the 21st through the 23rd. It’s called Machine to Be Another, in which two participants can “swap bodies” in VR.

The brainchild of Barcelona’s Be Another Labs, MTBA was designed to explore the empathetic capacity of VR and allow people to get as close as possible to inhabiting the skin of people ostensibly unlike themselves. I am so intrigued by this tech and can’t wait to try it.


Note: Updated 10/14 to reflect accurate dates. Apologies for any confusion!