An Open Letter to all the VR Pioneers Who are Bootstrapping, Scraping by, and Operating in the Red at the Moment

Dear VR Pioneer,

Remember that moment when you knew. Maybe it was when you put on a Vive headset the first time and experienced your first VR game. Maybe somebody showed you a 360 panoramic photo in a Google cardboard. Or maybe a hologram hovering in front of your face made you reach out your hand, as if you could actually touch it.

You knew on some deep level that this technology was going to change your life and the world along with it. So you chose to take a leap of faith. Perhaps you looked at your savings account or the available balance on your credit cards and decided that you could coast by for a few months on the belief that the right opportunity would materialize.

Virtual reality is coming into being, feeding off the energy of your dreams. You’re experiencing moments of strange synchronicity, when the people and things you need most appear at the very moment you reach for them. You’re meeting the most brilliant human beings you’ve ever met in your life. Your ideas are leading to friendships which lead you to more ideas.

Old systems of oppression and bigotry have no purchase on the culture you’re bringing into being. This medium that encourages you to exercise your empathy is helping you sense more precisely who other people actually are. You’ll better understand yourself by better understanding who other people are. And when you know who you are, you’ll know what you need to do.

You may be uncertain about your place in what’s to come. You might even be scared. Confront that fear with love and empathy for your fellow pioneers. Forge a pact, pay someone a compliment, celebrate the success of another as if it’s your own. It’ll come back to you, multiplied. Trust your uncertainty, let your curiosity guide you, and proceed in the spirit of blowing minds and changing lives. That very first moment when you knew is all that you need.


Warm Regards,