Check Out the New Seattle VR Events Calendar

The calendar looks nothing like this. has a nifty new calendar to help the community keep track of all the demos, workshops, conferences, meetups, hackathons, and myriad other events going on all over town and beyond. Trond Nilsen, one of the intrepid brains behind, announced this change yesterday via Facebook and is encouraging anyone with questions or feedback to message him there. You can also use the Seattlevr contact form to submit events and to request posting permissions. If you use an app like Outlook or iCalendar, you can even sync your own calendar and integrate events into your daily schedule. Pretty darn convenient.

Speaking of events, those wily visionaries at SIXR are hosting a free Teens in Unity workshop tomorrow at CoMotion Labs, at 10 am. You can also sign up for a month-long Unity for Teen Creators class for a more intensive learning experience. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity for young people who want to dive into the world of game design and 3D graphics.

Have an event you’d like to see listed? Just use the contact form.