Goodbye Blog, Hello Starbird Reality

hack, noun

1.  a writer who works on order; also :  a writer who aims solely for commercial success
2. a usually creative solution to a computer hardware or programming problem or limitation


A year ago I started blogging about Seattle’s VR industry, and immersive media in general, on this site with a dorky name. I wrote about hackathons, meetups, video games, education programs, startups, innovation, weed, politics, and, most of all, the visionary individuals who are making immersive media a reality in the Pacific Northwest. This story has been a gift, and I consider it a rare privilege to have operated as a small town reporter within this phenomenal community.

I started writing about VR in part to figure out how to create content in this new medium. My writing has pushed me closer to fulfilling that goal, and lately I’ve begun to concentrate more on original content production. Now is the time to make a leap of faith. I’m excited to announce the formation of my immersive media production company, Starbird Reality, and to point you in the direction of

I have no plans to stop writing, and I’ll continue to be based at UW’s CoMotion Labs. I’ll post about immersive media on, which will also be the place to learn about our productions. The talented Amanda Knox and Christopher Robinson are joining me in this venture, and I can’t wait to share what we’re cooking up.

Thank you kindly for reading my posts. It’s meant so much to me to see the traffic to this blog grow, and it still surprises me that visitors from around the world continue to read archived pieces. I’ll keep this site up and running for archival purposes, but know that I’ll be posting on the new site. I hope you’ll join us at Starbird Reality as we collaborate with this community of VR pioneers in pursuit of new art forms and experiences.




The Recipe for VR Content is Posted on a Wall at MoPop

Yesterday, as I was wandered through MoPop‘s Nirvana exhibit for, oh, the hundredth time, I spotted the following list of Ingredients for a Thriving Local Music Scene, posted on a wall:


The museum refreshes the exhibit enough that I always find something new to focus on in their hall of Kurt, Chris, and Dave. This new wall display immediately lit up the pleasure centers of my brain as I saw distinct parallels between MoPop’s presentation of the ingredients of a thriving local music scene and what’s bubbling up right now in Seattle’s VR community. Continue reading


This blog has been pretty quiet as of late. I’ve been working on some stuff related to audio, and am building a more robust website that I plan to switch over to soon. In the meantime, check out this cool new thing from my pal and CoMotion cohort Scobot: