Professional work

Since 1998, I have written and edited internal and customer-facing content for Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, Netflix, Drugstore.com, Immersion Networks, and other tech companies. Technologies I have written about include e-commerce, blockchain, cloud computing, AI/ML, DevOps, immersive media, VR/AR, and codecs.

I’m facile with Web copy, eBooks, white papers, pitch decks, customer communications, brand messaging, and wordsmithing in a variety of contexts.

Here are a couple examples of my recent work.

Blog post about a reading series I launched for 2A Consulting.

Another blog post about storytelling.



With Virtual Reality, Seattle is Inventing the Future. Again.” for Seattle Metropolitan. After this piece came out, I heard from two readers who said the article convinced them to quit their jobs, move to Seattle, and launch VR startups.

The Whole World is Watching,” an article looking back on the WTO riots, for Seattle Metropolitan.




A collection of essays about virtual reality, AI, and creative economies. Alephactory Press, 2018

A novel, shortlisted for the Philip K Dick Award. Translated and published abroad in Spain and the Czech Republic. Grove Atlantic/Black Cat, 2012.

A story collection published by Fantagraphics Books, 2015.

My debut collection from Counterpoint Press, 2006.

A novel. Grove Atlantic/Black Cat, 2009.

An anthology I edited, Sasquatch Books, 2015.