The Recipe for VR Content is Posted on a Wall at MoPop

Yesterday, as I was wandered through MoPop‘s Nirvana exhibit for, oh, the hundredth time, I spotted the following list of Ingredients for a Thriving Local Music Scene, posted on a wall:


The museum refreshes the exhibit enough that I always find something new to focus on in their hall of Kurt, Chris, and Dave. This new wall display immediately lit up the pleasure centers of my brain as I saw distinct parallels between MoPop’s presentation of the ingredients of a thriving local music scene and what’s bubbling up right now in Seattle’s VR community. Continue reading “The Recipe for VR Content is Posted on a Wall at MoPop”

Reasons for Optimism in a Downer of a Week

This seems to be a week of bad news for Seattle’s VR/AR community, with two developments of Debbie Downer-level magnitude. One, Bellevue-based Envelop VR has closed. Signs didn’t seem good at Immerse a few months ago, when Envelop, a sponsor of the conference, conspicuously reserved an empty booth. I have little information about the company’s closure so don’t feel qualified to offer much comment. I do want to say, however, as someone who has been laid off three times, that I hope Envelop’s former employees find new opportunities soon.

The second bummer piece of news is that the City of Seattle rejected a proposal to convert warehouse space at Magnuson Park into a film production facility. A number of passionate local film/VR professionals have worked on this proposal for over two years, and I imagine this comes as a tremendously dispiriting development. I’m sure they feel like this:

Continue reading “Reasons for Optimism in a Downer of a Week”

The Meaning and Promise of CoMotion Labs

Last night UW’s CoMotion Labs threw open its doors and invited the public to see what we’re all working on in this VR/AR startup incubator, or, as I like to think of it, mad scientists’ clubhouse. The joint was packed to the gills with immersive tech folks, potential investors, and folks curious about the potential of virtual reality. I had illuminating conversations with Greg Howes, … Continue reading The Meaning and Promise of CoMotion Labs

VR and the Subconscious

Could virtual reality have an effect on the human subconscious more profound than any other form of communication? Last night I saw a thread on Facebook involving some local cool VR people. Willard Williams, an architect with a badass profile pic, posted the following: I overheard someone after the ‪#‎WINHUGR‬ meetup talking about how people who are just getting into VR/AR have no idea what … Continue reading VR and the Subconscious

Who Is Teaching Cinematic VR in Seattle?

I happened upon an article on 3D VR Central written way back in February titled “Who Will be the George Lucas of VR? Film Schools Just Started Teaching It.” The big takeaway here is that America’s two big film schools–NYU and USC–have already begun incorporating VR into their curriculum. Also, those who are teaching VR are themselves still in the process of learning about it. … Continue reading Who Is Teaching Cinematic VR in Seattle?