Ideas Starting to Explode from Hackers’ Heads

Conference call. Coffee provided.

Now that everybody has had their coffee, the ideas are starting to flow. I’ve been eavesdropping on various teams, learning about a variety of ambitious VR projects. When Ryan Smith of Invrse told me about the badass game his team is developing, my reaction was oh my god I want to play that RIGHT NOW. A team that includes Dr. Evie Powell, Andrew Luck, and Gus McManus is working on a project that involves eight speakers arrayed around a Vive space. I can already tell this will be a demo everyone is going to experience tomorrow. Continue reading “Ideas Starting to Explode from Hackers’ Heads”

SIXR’s Summer Cinematic VR Challenge and Hot Tub Party

Jeff Lewis demos one of the VR experiences created over a weekend near Discovery Park. Photo by Nikola Costa.

A quickly growing cohort of artists is inventing cinematic VR in Seattle. Last weekend about fifty cinematic VR pioneers gathered at a home known as the Birdhouse near Discovery Park to create 360 VR experiences. SIXR organized the event and suggested a theme: relaxation, inner peace, leisure, and introspection. I stopped by the event for a few hours on Saturday, finding myself in a funky private home full of good books and good people sharing ideas, food, code, and laughs. Despite the theme, the scene was buzzing with activity. Continue reading “SIXR’s Summer Cinematic VR Challenge and Hot Tub Party”