The Recipe for VR Content is Posted on a Wall at MoPop

Yesterday, as I was wandered through MoPop‘s Nirvana exhibit for, oh, the hundredth time, I spotted the following list of Ingredients for a Thriving Local Music Scene, posted on a wall:


The museum refreshes the exhibit enough that I always find something new to focus on in their hall of Kurt, Chris, and Dave. This new wall display immediately lit up the pleasure centers of my brain as I saw distinct parallels between MoPop’s presentation of the ingredients of a thriving local music scene and what’s bubbling up right now in Seattle’s VR community. Continue reading “The Recipe for VR Content is Posted on a Wall at MoPop”


Steve Turnidge, Greg Reid (behind the drums), and Jamie Simmonds

Last night I hung out in the back room of an industrial sign fabrication plant in Ballard to watch four musicians jam–Steve Turnidge on guitar, Jamie Simmonds on a turntable, Nate Omdal on bass, and Greg Reid on drums. Despite having never played together before, they quickly found various grooves and sounded great. I sat back and enjoyed their improvisations. A long time ago I played in bands and this experience brought back pleasant memories of making noise with friends in windowless practice pads, albeit ones without cool lights and a smoke machine. Continue reading “Jam”