Eva Hoerth Wants to Know About Your VR/AR Community

This is what Eva Hoerth looks like all the time.

One of Seattle’s most engaging advocates for virtual and augmented reality, Eva Hoerth, just posted this open-ended Q&A on Facebook, asking for feedback about building local VR/AR communities. I just filled out the questionaire myself, and thought I’d share my answers here.

What inspired you to go from enthusiast to community builder?

I went through grunge and the dotcom years and saw how creative economies emerge and bloom. Last spring when I attended my first VR meetup in Seattle, I felt the same way I used to feel in the mosh pits of the early nineties and on the customer service floor at Amazon–that something momentous and world-changing was just getting started. I’ve done community building projects in the past, and I’ve found that much of what motivates a scene like ours is expanding the sense of what’s possible, empowering the amateur enthusiasts to understand they have real influence over the direction of the industry, and cultivating a DIY attitude. I was inspired by the sheer diversity of people attracted to immersive media. Getting to rub shoulders with architects, computer scientists, musicians, game designers, filmmakers, and so many other fascinating sorts of people is massively appealing to me. Continue reading “Eva Hoerth Wants to Know About Your VR/AR Community”