This blog has been pretty quiet as of late. I’ve been working on some stuff related to audio, and am building a more robust website that I plan to switch over to soon. In the meantime, check out this cool new thing from my pal and CoMotion cohort Scobot: Continue reading Ssssshhh…

Virtual reality is art. Treat it accordingly.

Writing about virtual reality, for me, is really just an excuse to hang out with artists. My paternal grandfather was a commercial artist and landscape painter, and some of my most treasured early memories are of sitting on his lap with a big pad of paper in front of us, drawing pictures together. I loved that moment when a collection of lines magically turned into a dog, a house, a little person. If he were a young man today, I suspect my grandfather would be enchanted with Tilt Brush and Paint Lab. Continue reading “Virtual reality is art. Treat it accordingly.”

2016: The Year Seattle Embraced Virtual and Augmented Reality

Trond Nilsen addressing the September VR Hackathon

Ed: This post was made possible by the mad compiling and organization skills of Eva Hoerth and Kayla Didier.

As we pull the curtains on 2016, we’re coming to a consensus that this was a horrible, no-good, rotten, very bad year. We lost cherished icons and elevated a reality star bigot to the office of President of the United States. Terrorism, refugee crises, Brexit, and other calamities flowed through our news feeds amid fake news concocted by Russian spies, climate change deniers, and white supremacists. And yet a bright spot appeared this year, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, with the emergence of the virtual and augmented reality industry. Continue reading “2016: The Year Seattle Embraced Virtual and Augmented Reality”

The Meaning and Promise of CoMotion Labs

Last night UW’s CoMotion Labs threw open its doors and invited the public to see what we’re all working on in this VR/AR startup incubator, or, as I like to think of it, mad scientists’ clubhouse. The joint was packed to the gills with immersive tech folks, potential investors, and folks curious about the potential of virtual reality. I had illuminating conversations with Greg Howes, … Continue reading The Meaning and Promise of CoMotion Labs

VR and the Subconscious

Could virtual reality have an effect on the human subconscious more profound than any other form of communication? Last night I saw a thread on Facebook involving some local cool VR people. Willard Williams, an architect with a badass profile pic, posted the following: I overheard someone after the ‪#‎WINHUGR‬ meetup talking about how people who are just getting into VR/AR have no idea what … Continue reading VR and the Subconscious

Sunday Screenshot: Scott Bennett, aka Scobot

“A fully immersive VR environment inspired by Abstract Expressionism. A place to wander, or sit and meditate. Created in PaintLab with the HTC VIVE.” –Scott Bennett. Have a screenshot of something you’re working on in VR? Send me a jpeg and I’ll post it here. I’d like to make this an ongoing feature to showcase the visually dazzling work of VR artists, game designers, and … Continue reading Sunday Screenshot: Scott Bennett, aka Scobot

Minority Report, Mainstreaming VR, and Other Wednesday Aggregation

Lots to read and view about VR today. Here’s a big wad of chewy VR goodness. This clip featuring Alex McDowell, the Designer of Minority Report, is worth watching. My favorite part was his observation that game engines are game-changers for cinematic VR. He also gets in a dig at comic book adaptations, which I always appreciate. Jason Pace, Executive Director of UW Bothell’s Digital … Continue reading Minority Report, Mainstreaming VR, and Other Wednesday Aggregation