Moon Shots and Sky Muse Studios

On Saturday, Stanwood’s Sky Muse Studios screened a documentary called Fight for Space about NASA’s somewhat checkered history. The feature included archival footage of various missions and launches interspersed with commentary from astronauts and public scientists like Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye. Directed by Paul Hildebrandt, the film is a plea for reinvigorated interest in a space program that sent men to the moon but nowadays does little to capture the public’s imagination.

All the music and sound for the film was produced at Sky Muse under the guidance of founder Ron Jones. Before the screening, Ron spoke a bit about how the studio was conceived two years ago and how he assembled a team of young engineers and musicians from area community colleges. His audience of twenty or so guests sat in fold-out chairs on risers in the room where the film’s music was recorded. Continue reading “Moon Shots and Sky Muse Studios”


Steve Turnidge, Greg Reid (behind the drums), and Jamie Simmonds

Last night I hung out in the back room of an industrial sign fabrication plant in Ballard to watch four musicians jam–Steve Turnidge on guitar, Jamie Simmonds on a turntable, Nate Omdal on bass, and Greg Reid on drums. Despite having never played together before, they quickly found various grooves and sounded great. I sat back and enjoyed their improvisations. A long time ago I played in bands and this experience brought back pleasant memories of making noise with friends in windowless practice pads, albeit ones without cool lights and a smoke machine. Continue reading “Jam”

MoCap Now: Another Piece in the Cascadia Immersive Media Puzzle

MoCap Now’s main motion capture space. Ander Bergstrom with his back to the camera, and Sixr’s Budi Mulyo, looking slightly blurry. I admit this is a pretty lousy photo. Sorry about that.

Anything could hide behind a battered warehouse door in Sodo–trapeze artists, a machine shop, a reprographics facility, an industrial bakery. Last week I pulled aside one such door on Dawson Street and found myself in a motion capture studio called MoCap Now. Continue reading “MoCap Now: Another Piece in the Cascadia Immersive Media Puzzle”

Big VR VC News at CNDY Factory

I woke up to some news on Facebook that a pretty momentous-sounding meeting went down last night at CNDY Factory between members of the VR Venture Capital Alliance and local VR leaders including Williard Williams, Trond Nilsen, Thomas Le, and Eva Hoerth. Here’s an excerpt of CNDY Factory head honcho Tim Reha’s FB post: We had a fortuitous meeting with Mr. Alvin Wang Graylin, China … Continue reading Big VR VC News at CNDY Factory