The Recipe for VR Content is Posted on a Wall at MoPop

Yesterday, as I was wandered through MoPop‘s Nirvana exhibit for, oh, the hundredth time, I spotted the following list of Ingredients for a Thriving Local Music Scene, posted on a wall:


The museum refreshes the exhibit enough that I always find something new to focus on in their hall of Kurt, Chris, and Dave. This new wall display immediately lit up the pleasure centers of my brain as I saw distinct parallels between MoPop’s presentation of the ingredients of a thriving local music scene and what’s bubbling up right now in Seattle’s VR community. Continue reading “The Recipe for VR Content is Posted on a Wall at MoPop”

Check Out the New Seattle VR Events Calendar has a nifty new calendar to help the community keep track of all the demos, workshops, conferences, meetups, hackathons, and myriad other events going on all over town and beyond. Trond Nilsen, one of the intrepid brains behind, announced this change yesterday via Facebook and is encouraging anyone with questions or feedback to message him there. You can also use the Seattlevr contact … Continue reading Check Out the New Seattle VR Events Calendar

The Weekend VR Became Impossible to Ignore in Seattle

Trond Nilsen presenting awards at Seattle VR Hackathon IV. Photo courtesy Shawn Whiting.

September 16-18, 2016 was a watershed moment for Seattle’s VR/AR community. For anyone drawn to creating or experiencing VR/AR, there was literally too much for one person to absorb. VR Hackathon IV at Sand Point, the Art Hack on Capitol Hill, and the VR Maker Dome at Seattle Center all delivered big on the promise of this new medium, and Seattle is never going to be the same. Continue reading “The Weekend VR Became Impossible to Ignore in Seattle”

Three Announcements

[Drum roll…] Announcement #1: New editor role I’m proud to report I’ve been named Editor-in-Chief of Seattle’s VR/AR community website,, which was launched last summer by Trond Nilsen and Eva Hoerth. I first met Eva and Trond at the Hololens Hackathon last spring, and I’ve been consistently blown away by their commitment to Seattle’s VR/AR community, their heroic level of energy, and their sincere … Continue reading Three Announcements

Big VR VC News at CNDY Factory

I woke up to some news on Facebook that a pretty momentous-sounding meeting went down last night at CNDY Factory between members of the VR Venture Capital Alliance and local VR leaders including Williard Williams, Trond Nilsen, Thomas Le, and Eva Hoerth. Here’s an excerpt of CNDY Factory head honcho Tim Reha’s FB post: We had a fortuitous meeting with Mr. Alvin Wang Graylin, China … Continue reading Big VR VC News at CNDY Factory